About Us


I think it's about time I formally introduce the faces behind Hopeless Supply Co.
For those who don't know me, and weren't part of my previous venture, I'm Michael....no one special, just another FIFO worker, trying to live life to the fullest and keep productive on his weeks off.
I had thought about the idea of starting up a clothing brand for a few years, but it wasn't until I cashed out my prorata and had a bit of money behind me, that this dream, actually became a reality.
I went out, brought a decent laptop, started brainstorming ideas/ names and watched endless YouTube videos to teach myself how to use graphic designer software and ended up starting the brand, SHIP SETS SAIL! Apparel.
Didn't even cross my mind, that starting up a somewhat "surf" based brand would be difficult, as I didn't live that close to the ocean 😅.
Excitement got the better of me.
2 years passed and although I enjoyed every minute of it, I kind of hit a stalemate, as I started to feel limited in the whole designing side of running a brand, and the whole "having" to have the ocean/ nautical vibes in the content, didn't really excite me anymore.
After a month or 2 of contemplating the next step and what route I was going to take, I decided to transition and rebrand.
Over those couple of years, there were times where I did feel Hopeless. Times where I felt like I was in over my head and that I had nothing more to give, to what I had created.
We all have days where we feel like this, it's nothing to be ashamed about, not at all! It's life! Go with the punches.
I just didn't like feeling restricted into what path I could take. I hated having limitations.
So here we are!
January 1st 2021 was the date HOPELESS SUPPLY Co. came to life!
The other beauty in the picture is my wife, Alicia.
When I'm away at work, she's the one packing your orders and sending them out to you guys, along with taking care of our 3 beautiful kids and working her own job. Couldn't give you enough credit if I tried babe.
Anyway hope you guys enjoy what we're doing. If I'm doing something wrong please let me know.
Can't thank you guys enough for being part of our journey 🤘🏽.